Director, Cinematographer, Photographer, Editor, Actor, Writer, Singer, Songwriter, Composer and Pop Culture Enthusiast – as the co-founder and Creative Director of Impact Entertainment, Patrick is committed to cultivating the conversation between a brand and their audience.  With the convergence of entertainment and advertising, Patrick specializes in creating innovative original content through conceptual storytelling that informs, inspires and entertains.  As a Director of Photography in Local 600, Patrick continues to champion new tools and technologies involved with capturing and sharing the storytelling experience.  


You can take the girl out of Brooklyn, but not Brooklyn out of the girl.  A creative thinker and logistical savant, Deb is a multiple-hat-wearing, stickler for detail producer who professionally and artfully balances creative and strategic goals with the realities of budget and deadlines.  With a great sense of humor, Deb shepherds client projects and the day to day operations at Impact Entertainment.

If you ask Deb – she’s an artist. Printmaker, painter and writer – but it’s the intersection of art and messaging that inspires her.